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Current Course Offering: Early Classic Rock:

From the post-Beatles British Invasion to the psychedelic era of the Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix to Bowie and Queen and many more iconic classic rock artists and bands.

Here's what is included in all Rock Doc Courses:

  • free eBook Rock Music-The Musician's Perspective

    This is the same textbook that is used for Rock History Courses taught at Temple University, The University of the Arts, and Rutgers University. This 389 page comprehensive eBook contains 18 chapters of hundreds of rock artists and bands, hundreds of Rock Star Quotes, and dozens of Rock Hard Facts and more....

  • Annotated Rock Videos

    Each lesson includes rock videos that contain annotated musical analysis of some of the most important and inspiring rock music performances.

  • Classic Rock Songs

    Each course comes with embedded MP3's of dozens of the most important rock songs from every rock subgenre and style!

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Early Classic Rock - From The Psychedelic Era to Bowie and Queen

Instructor: Dr. Rob Brosh

AKA "The Roc Doc"

Rob is a music professor at Temple University where he teaches Rock History, American Popular Music, and The History of Pop Music. Rob has released two books on rock music history including: Rock History-The Musician's Perspective and Classic Rock History. Rob has played in countless rock and jazz bands for many years including the Raw Deal Band that has performed throughout the Philadelphia and New York areas.
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