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This free trial demo of the full course titled Early Classic Rock gives you a "sneak peak" at the full course that begins post-Beatles with major British Invasion bands and moves to the American Answer and many many more classic rock bands and artists. This short demo focuses on the iconic Jimi Hendrix and his great musicianship.

Look at what you get with this free demo trial course!

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  • Our eBook readings (from the same textbook used in courses taught at major colleges such as Temple University and The University of the Arts) brings you to the "inner workings" of the musical elements of the great rock artists and bands in rock music history!

  • Each course module features tons of embedded MP3s of the songs that are the most innovative and important songs that define each style and subgenre of rock music.

  • Pre and post-module quizzes (no grades!) allow you to gauge your progress as you advance to the level of "rock 'n' roll master!

  • Also included in each module are video performances of legendary rock artists and bands with insightful annotations of significant aspects that define their world-class musicianship.

  • And much more....

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"This trial demo is a sneak peak at an exciting university level course without the pressure of grades. Just pure rock 'n' roll fun as you expand your rock knowledge to new heights!"


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Dan C

Professional Drummer

This Course is informative, interesting, and fun! The way it is structured made me want to continue on to the next lesson to learn even more, and hear the music of Artists that I was not familiar with before the Course. After reading text about the Bands/ Artists and the times in which they formed, I was able to hear songs that I have literally heard thousands of times in a new way! Very well done!