Led Zeppelin "mini course"

This course covers the complete history of Led Zeppelin from their groundbreaking debut album Led Zeppelin I to their final output Coda. The course features interviews with the group members and expert video analysis of eight key Led Zeppelin videos! Each of Zeppelin's studio albums are broken down for their musical content from Robert Plant's lyrical and vocal style to Jimmy Page and John Bonham's amazing solo skills and John Paul Jones' incredible musical versatility! There is nothing out there like this complete, very affordable, and fun Led Zeppelin course!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Video Overview of the Led Zeppelin "mini course" - Course Structure

  • 2

    Module #1 Week #1

  • 3

    Module #1 Week #2

    • Video Intro Module #1 Week #2 Led Zeppelin Emerges as a Major Rock Band!

    • Module #1 Week #2 Reading - Led Zeppelin rises quickly to the top of the Rock World!

    • Module #1 Week #2 - Slideshow and Embedded Playlist - albums Led Zeppelin II and Zeppelin III

    • Module #1 Week #2 Video Lesson - "Whole Lotta Love"

    • Padlet Discussion Forum - Led Zeppelin and their Critics

    • Module #1 Week #2 Video Lesson - "Immigrant Song"

    • Profile - Robert Plant

    • (Optional) End of Module Quiz - The Early Years

  • 4

    Module #2 Week #3

    • Module #2 (Optional) Pre-Quiz

    • Module #2 Week #3 Reading - Led Zeppelin at their Peak!

    • Module #2 Week #3 - Slideshow and Embedded Playlist - albums Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy

    • Module #2 Week #3 Video lesson "Stairway to Heaven"

    • Padlet Discussion Forum - What Made Led Zeppelin such an exciting live band?

    • Module #2 Week #3 Video Lesson "Black Dog"

    • Profile - John Paul Jones

  • 5

    Module #2 Week #4

    • Module #2 Week #4 Reading Late Period Led Zeppelin

    • Module #2 Week #4 - Slideshow and Embedded Playlist - albums Physical Graffiti - Presence - In Through the Out Door - Coda

    • Led Zeppelin Video Lesson "Kashmir"

    • Padlet Discussion Forum - Led Zeppelin Special Musical Attributes

    • Module #2 Week #4 Video Lesson "Achilles Last Stand"

    • Profile - John Henry Bonham

    • John Bonham "Wearing and Tearing" Drum Part

    • End of Course - Led Zeppelin Final Quiz (Optional)

  • 6

    Next steps

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Look at what you get with this Led Zeppelin course!

Check out our many Hard-Rockin' course features.

  • Our eBook readings (from the same textbook used in courses taught at major colleges such as Temple University and The University of the Arts) brings you the "inner workings" of the musical elements that made Led Zeppelin one of the greatest bands in rock music history!

  • Each course module features tons of embedded MP3s of classic Led Zeppelin songs. These are the most innovative and important songs that define Zeppelin's unique and innovative style.

  • Also included in each module are incredible video performances of Led Zeppelin with insightful annotations of significant aspects that define their world-class musicianship.

  • Discussion boards throughout the modules allow you to add you own insights and interact with other rock music students and the course professor.

  • Pre and post-module quizzes (no grades!) allow you to gauge your progress as you advance to the level of "rock 'n' roll master!

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The Rock Doc says:

"This is an exciting university level course without the pressure of grades. Just pure rock 'n' roll fun as you expand your Led Zeppelin knowledge to new heights!"


Here's what people are saying about Rock Doc Courses!

Dan C

Professional Drummer

This Course is informative, interesting, and fun! The way it is structured made me want to continue on to the next lesson to learn even more, and hear more about John Bonham and Jimmy Page. After reading text about how Zeppelin formed and musically progressed, I was able to hear songs that I have literally heard thousands of times in a new way! Very well done!

Gary B

Up and Coming Bassist

Being an amateur musician and Rock enthusiast, I felt this course presented extensive information on the music of Led Zeppelin. I particularly liked the samples of audio and video clips. I definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of Rock history and Led Zeppelin!

Jeff R.

Professional Guitarist

The course walks you through the details of a very special time in music history and the history of Led Zeppelin. Packed with information and specific details that are not widely known. The audio files on the slides are a nice touch and helps add an audible context to the material while reviewing it. As well, the video files are great to introduce the reader to the visual aspect of the music. All in all, a fun experience and framed out in such a way that makes you want to get to the next module!